About Flowstar

Flowstar Corporation, founded in 1990, is a dynamic force committed to delivering vibrant, cutting-edge solutions to a rapidly expanding global market. Our mission is to offer cost-effective, portable, and modular cleanrooms, along with upgrades for existing rooms, softwall and hardwall clean rooms, low-cost softwall enclosures, HEPA filter workstations, laminar flow workstations, Formica top, and stainless steel tables, as well as environmental controlled chambers and rooms.

Our clientele spans diverse industries, including Pharma and bio, semiconductor, disc and computer, food processing, plastics, and medical device manufacturers, alongside Universities, government and military research, aerospace, and sub-manufacturers. The demand for cleanroom manufacturing environments has surged across sectors previously untouched by stringent controls. Flowstar, a trailblazer in the industry, has alleviated the financial concerns of company owners and managers by introducing affordable cleanroom systems.

Experience the full turnkey service at Flowstar – we design, engineer, provide documents, permit, manufacture, build out, install, certify, and train personnel. Our capabilities extend to meeting Class 1, 1000, 10,000, 100,000, ISO 1-8 standards.

At Flowstar, we take pride in delivering top-quality modular clean rooms at the most competitive prices. Our success stems from the synergistic collaboration between our seasoned design, engineering, and customer service teams, enabling us to offer the most innovative, efficient, and affordable products, including our Nova, Pulsar, and Evolution Series cleanrooms. Achieve unparalleled affordability with our extensive selection of completely remanufactured, previously owned modular systems. We maintain one of the industry’s largest inventories of used cleanroom systems, readily available for delivery.

Situated in Northern California, our headquarters boast a team of top-notch AutoCad designers, supported by architectural, mechanical, and structural experts dedicated to constructing the best in the most efficient way possible. Count on our factory-trained team of expert installers to ensure that your cleanroom is operational when you need it. Flowstar is your trusted partner for energetic and positive cleanroom solutions.