Can the cleanroom be relocated and reused?

Yes, purchasing a Flowstar Cleanroom gives you the ability to disassemble the room and relocate it. This feature is great for that small firm or startup that leases. Your room always remains your asset and when it is time to move, the room can go with you, this feature can also benefit the larger company installations as well, so you never lose your original investment.

Can I redesign the room if my needs change?

Yes, companies grow, need change and so can the cleanroom. Whether you need more space or need to change your current room configuration you’re not locked into your original design. Many parts are interchangeable and can be reassembled to fit any current need. The slip joint corner post design provides the ability to enlarge or reduce individual sections easily. Individual panels can also be reused depending on your new space requirements.

Is the wall system strong?

Yes, when you purchase a Flowstar cleanroom it starts with an all-steel main frame designed to seismic zone 4 conditions. Then you have the option of using our 2” x 2” tube steel hoop wall which is one of the sturdiest in the business or selecting from a broad list of wall and window materials to suit your needs.

How fast can I occupy my room?

The typical period for a turnkey project with a mechanical system is 8 to 12 weeks. However, a small room is assembled and ready to use in a smaller time. The installation is performed by Flowstar and its approved subcontractors. Our design-build method of construction management improves the suitability of the design and the speed of installation.

Will the construction disrupt my facility?

All construction even modular can cause plant disruption; however, the longer it takes to complete a project the more disruption is realized.  Flowstar’s project management skills will coordinate all aspects of material delivery and site installation with the customer’s project contact reducing plant disruptions.

Will I need an engineer or architect to design my room?

Flowstar handles the design of your cleanroom per the customer specifications, another cost saving. This design service is included in our package. We also partner with a structural engineering service that works with us in the design of your cleanroom. You may opt for your own architect if needed but we can provide that service as well depending on the situation.

Are permits needed?

Most cleanrooms built in California that are within another structure usually require a permit to be in compliance with local and state building codes and regulations; these vary by state and city. To be clear as to what’s required contact your local city building permits department.