Cleanroom Installation

Our Flowstar Installation Technicians are integral members of our professional team, ensuring a seamless and efficient installation process for your cleanroom or other products. With their expertise, we prioritize swift installations with minimal disruption to your regular business activities. Contact us for more details and to schedule your installation.

Click on the images above to view larger examples of the installation process.


Proper maintenance is crucial for achieving and sustaining optimal efficiency, extending the life cycle of your equipment, and containing costs. Flowstar offers assistance in maintaining various equipment, including your cleanroom and laminar flow table. Trust us for comprehensive maintenance solutions to keep your facilities running smoothly.


Optimizing filtration efficiency is key to ensuring a clean and controlled environment. Regular testing of the exhaust air stream allows us to determine the useful filter life in your specific application. An electronic airflow velocity monitor ensures safe and effective operation, providing continuous velocity indication and triggering an alarm if velocity falls below a predetermined threshold. Simple tools like an inexpensive vane anemometer can also be used to measure air stream velocity periodically.


For small rooms within a plant, assembly often doesn’t require permits. However, it’s recommended to consult your local building department to confirm specific regulations and requirements in your area.


Stay tuned for our upcoming feature – manuals and tech sheets. These resources will offer valuable operational and maintenance information to help you make the most of your equipment. Your success is our priority, and our comprehensive documentation will serve as a helpful guide for efficient operations and upkeep.